About Us

The People Behind Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital is a Bitcoin trading platform where users can invest in, and trade Bitcoin with, or without the use of a crypto broker. Signing up for a Bitcoin Digital account is free, and the platform is accessible from anywhere in the world through a desktop, or mobile applications.

Set up your Bitcoin wallet quickly and start trading or investing in minutes. Because of the high levels of security with which we conduct our business, our services stand out from the crowd. We provide transparency, and reliable software that meets international standards.

The platform was created by a fantastic team of programmers who are committed to providing user-friendly interfaces that do what they claim to do. Our cryptocurrency management team ensures that you have the best possible trading experience.

Creating this type of software, and application is not an easy process, nor is acquiring a cryptocurrency trading license, but our dedicated team has persevered to make Bitcoin Digital successful.

At Bitcoin Digital, we have considered your Bitcoin needs to create a trading software that is simple to use, readily available, and pleasant to use. You can quickly access payment methods to convert cash to cryptocurrency, and begin trading Bitcoin from the comfort, and privacy of your own home, or while traveling with the mobile application.

Two Ways to Trade

Bitcoin Digital gives you two ways to trade. If you are a beginner, or simply do not have the time to study market trends, you can opt to trade via a crypto broker. We call you back to arrange brokerage services, so you do not have to spend hours trying to get hold of a broker.

Should you prefer to trade on your own by analyzing market data, you can do so with Bitcoin Digital’s real-time trading app, or by downloading Bitcoin Digital’s trading software onto a computer.

How It All Began

Founded in support of cryptocurrencies, and the vision of Bitcoin one day becoming an iconic name, and preferred method of international payment, Bitcoin Digital helps drive the crypto economy.

We aimed to build a platform that is user-friendly, and highly accessible to the general public. It offers instant asset trading settlements, and management systems that allow you to keep track of your balances, buy Bitcoin, and trade it for other cryptocurrencies using trade market statistics.

Our team also aims to cater to beginners, and seasoned traders, providing the correct assistance, and service to meet the needs of all kinds of crypto traders worldwide.